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Why Architectural Film Makes Transforming Your Business, Our Business

Cutting the cost of commercial renovation or refurbishment projects in half is just for starters. No matter what premises or type of space you are looking to upgrade or renovate, with our architectural films we can transform and permanently refresh your surfaces within timescales you could only dream of. Your business continuity is integral to the plan; and whilst making quick work of your project not only delivers thousands back to you on top of huge savings in material costs, it also means that your customers or patrons can enjoy the amazing results much sooner than if you refurbished in a more traditional way…

Style and Substance with Savings..

Application Involves a Three Stage Process…

Elevate your Brand

Using our 3M DI-NOC™ films and other branded vinyls, Framewrap UK can quite literally renovate your business premises in around half the time it would take using classic refurbishment processes. With a selection of around 1000 embossed textures or solid colours to choose from, your options are staggeringly broad. Transform any interior substrate surface with leather effect films or a shimmering marble finish and upgrade your status in the market place no matter what your line of business.

Lower your Costs

Interior Design and renovation could not be any simpler with our architectural films. Our clients love the fact that almost any naturally sourced material can be replicated and applied rapidly and in-situ to refresh outdated decor without having to spend thousands on the genuine article or without pulling down and re-building infrastructure. From window frames to walls, doors and plinths, and without the expensive opportunity cost of ‘refurbishment’ down time, we’ll take around half the time to finish the job!

Raise Expectations…

Architectural films are strong and durable. Withstanding everyday wear and tear they are permanently adhesive and designed to stand the test of time. Being easy to maintain, our vinyl films are washable, hygienic and resistant to all manner of harsh environments. Offering you the ability to simulate expensive high-end finishes, your customers and patrons won’t ever think you have cut corners, (because you haven’t)… in fact, they will only believe that you value them that little bit more.

A Range Of Textures & Colours For All Business Sectors…

Architectural films are so versatile that they are conformable across every business environment. Throughout Leisure, Retail, Commercial Office, Industrial and even Healthcare, Framewrap UK can rehabilitate or reinvent your space with a new skin composed from any number and configuration of matching or contrasting options selected from hundreds available to you.

Suitable for use on even the most difficult of substrates, virtually every surface will present a possibility; from Lifts, to walls, window frames, partitions and even furnishings. Recreate your surfaces with tonal and textured coverings; replicate the warmth of rich woods and embossed leather, the cool of natural stone, or even the inconspicuous extravagance of a solid marble finish.

The 3M DI-NOC™ range alone carries over 700 options, and along with our other partners and suppliers, including Solar Screen Coverstyl’, your choice of patterns, colours and textures are limitless…

More Like Changing a Tyre than Reinventing the Wheel…


Our Core Services

Vinyl Wrapping

Specialists in vinyl wraps for kitchens, cars, furniture and much more, so affordable and durable.

Architectural Spraying

Specialist spray painting service for cladding, windows, doors for commercial and residential in the UK.


We spray and clean cladding for industrial buildings, commercial and industrial buildings in the UK


Our Core Services

Only Our Savings aren’t Simulated

At Framewrap UK we use a wide range of branded architectural vinyl films to enable our customers and clients to transform exterior and interior surfaces to deliver aesthetically stunning results. Working with architects, interior designers and clients directly, our vinyl coverings save thousands on the cost expensive materials such as stone, marble, brick, wood and metals by replicating their natural look and feel with high grade, ultra durable and easy to maintain vinyl films.

Cut Project Timescales in Half

Where once there was no other option but to renovate by replacement, our clients can now reduce their project budgets by as much as 50% by upgrading tired looking surfaces with just a few hours work. Imagine not having to rip out that drywall and rebuild it in brick, wood or even marble? By using our vinyl coverings you can simulate the texture and look of almost any natural or re-formed material to achieve results that will withstand all but the closest of scrutiny, and in a fraction of the time.

Trusted Brands and a Huge Choice

Sourcing all of our products from a line up of industry leading brand suppliers, our portfolio of vinyl films is hugely diverse and expansive. From 3M DI-NOC™ films and Interior Coverstyl’ Vinyls to Avery Dennison Facade Films for Exterior Cladding and window Frames, we have hundreds of architectural vinyl finishes for walls, ceilings, frames and even floors. Used for both domestic and commercial renovation projects, our vinyl films are perfect for your home, restaurant, hotel, office or retail outlet.

Ask yourself this one question

To Wrap Or Refurb?

In a nutshell – and when it comes down to cost, our self adhesive vinyl wrapping services are clean, quick and efficient, typically saving upwards of 50% compared to classic refurbishment methods and without the associated mess and disruption to either your home or your place of business.

Affordable with a Better Outcome

Don’t Shell Out, Opt In..

In a nutshell – and when it comes down to cost, our self adheSo…  if you’re still wondering how to upgrade your home or business with luxurious textures and sumptuous colours, yet without shelling out a small fortune for the real article, then simply opt for Framewrap UK’s architectural vinyl coverings and experience style and  substance together with savings


Limitless Colour And Texture Options…

Choose from over 1000 colours, textures and finishes to create the style you are looking for. From simple solid colours to textiles, natural stone, embossed or oxydised metals, leather, marble, brick or carbon, the possibilities to get creative with your refurb projects are limitless.

See our full range of Colour & Texture brochures here


What our customers say

“Incredible in a city like this, the treatment and the quality price. The team of the clinic and the excellent treatment. Highly recommended dental clinic. Dr Manuel Vila unbeatable and very thorough treatment.”

“Fantastic surgery in the heart of London. Very professional and well organised as well as lovely staff! Would thoroughly recommend.”

Great Aesthetics

Mimic almost any natural texture or style you wish to with our full range of great looking vinyl coverings

Money Saving

Save up to 50% on the cost of regular refurbishment costs whilst achieving the same visual results.

Quick & Clean Installation

Quick and easy installation without the mess that usually accompanies a classic refurbishment project


Guaranteed for 10 years against cracking, peeling, scaling or discolouration


Rated A+ on VOC tests (indoor emissions), UV and weather resistant and fire resistant.

Washable & Hygienic

Ultra quick and simple to maintain, our vinyls also help protect against the growth of mould

Seamless Look

200 to 350 microns thick depending on the type of vinyl used, creating seamlessly authentic results


Heated application means our vinyls can be stretched 220% to the contours of intricate furnishings & surfaces